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These microfiber wet mops are designed for budget cleaning therefore
have a slightly shorter life span. If you’re in an environment
where mops are frequently thrown out, or you need to lower
cost, these are great options at lower price points.

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A microfiber cloth has become one of the handiest things to keep around the home. While most people know of these microfiber cloths to clean up and dust from device screens to avoid scratching the glass, a good microfiber cloth can be used in place of a towel or napkin for a variety of cleaning tasks.

Most microfiber towels are eco-friendly, come in several sizes, and excel in picking up small particles of dust and bacteria. Larger microfiber towels are typically better for heavier, messier cleanups, while cloths with smaller, finer fibers are better suited for computer screens and glass tables. No matter what type of microfiber towels you’re looking for, these microfiber towels protect your surface while picking up debris.

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