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Microfiber Pocket Mop Frame

• Locking pin
• Compatible with aluminum or steel pole with EVA grip
• Compatible with most commercial 18” Microfiber Pocket Mops
• 18” Frame
• Durable plastic

Microfiber Mesh Backed Side Pocket Mop

100% microfiber mesh backed for a stretched snug fit. Mesh
construction dries quicker than traditional canvas side pocket mops.
The 18” Mop fits existing pocket mop frames.

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Microfiber Side Pocket Mop

Pocket side mops feature microfiber ‘finger loops’ to trap more
dirt. Our pocket mops are more absorbent than competitor
brands, feature an industrial strength canvas backing and
matching hardware (sold separately). Compatible with all major
brand name frames, our mops are available in five colors to
prevent cross-contamination.

Microfiber Tube Wet Mops

Microfiber Tube Wet Mops typically clean more surface area before they need to be
laundered. The trade-off is that microfiber tube mops need more cleaning solution,
eliminate less bacteria, and should be laundered in a washing machine.
Best used in non-environmental service driven applications.